Saturday, January 09, 2016
Getting a professional hair weave in a salon can be expensive because of the cost of the actual hair, and the time it takes to weave it into natural hair. Weaves are either sewn, braided, or glued into natural hair close to the scalp to be virtually invisible. As hair grows out, the weave must be taken out and re-applied close to the scalp again. That process needs to be done every eight to ten weeks. Those costs all add up quickly. Some salons allow customers to bring in hair for the weave. That may save money on the hair itself, but it is important to purchase high-quality hair so it will look great and last a long time. If hair is natural, curly weave hair, it will last for a year or two, depending on maintenance. There are a few terms used to describe the hair, and knowing what they mean is helpful. A product that is virgin indian hair means it has not been processed with colors or chemicals. That hair will maintain a bounce, a full texture, and will not frizz or fray easily. Indian hair that is referred to as “Remy” means it was collected from a woman’s head and cut while still in a ponytail. No hair has fallen to the floor, and cuticles are healthy and intact. Hair that is true indian hair will be dark in color, such as dark brown or black. It will range in thickness from fine to medium. The care of the hair is the same as natural hair. It needs to be washed and conditioned frequently and protected from over styling with sprays. Make sure hair is completely dry before sleeping on it. Sleeping on wet hair will cause it to tangle and split. Straight hair will have a slight wave, but can be flat ironed for a straighter look if desired. Wavy hair has full body and a natural bounce. Curly hair has a luxurious and cascading look. Hair is purchased in four ounce bundles, with two or three bundles required for a full bodied weave. Lengths are available in 8-10 inches, 10-12 inches, 12-14, 14-16, 18-20, and 20-24 inches. Hair can be reused several times, so spending the money on high-quality hair is well worth the cost. Purchasing cheaper hair may seem less expensive, but replacing it sooner will end u- costing more money long-term. Some hair suppliers will send out samples of hair if customers would like to see and feel the hair before ordering bundles.
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